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Q&A on Success in Public Relations

Instructions Included Nowadays, agencies across the globe seek to protect and amplify their brands both online and offline, causing the need for Public Relations and Communications professionals to surge. In a recent Q&A, Senior Communications PR Specialist, Arli Lima candidly shared highs and lows from her personal journey to becoming a dynamic PR professional for […]

The Problem with Leadership in Social Se...

“I can’t help but notice that when we have our all-staff meetings, the only demographic represented on the highest level of leadership is Caucasian and male.” -Crystal Colon Present day, I work a for social services agency that serves individuals living with severe mental illness, but when I initially decided to pursue my Bachelor’s in […]

Access, Equity and The Achievement Gap

Peer-to-Peer Learning at Baltimore City College Transforms Academic Landscape My name is Lena Tashjian and I am the proud founder and director of the Baltimore City College Writing Center – a peer run tutoring program designed to provide academic support to students who need help with their writing. When I first started the writing center, […]

Major Roadblock for Applicants of Color?

Workplace discrimination, diversity in corporate america, workplace diversity, diversity and equity studies

Based off of findings from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is safe to say, “ain’t enough black people being hired.” In other words, as far back as 2016, blacks accounted for about one out of every eight people in the United States labor force. To some, this may seem like progress given that only 55 years […]