&INCLUSION is a young brand looking for collaborations that align with our overall mission.  We LOVE people!

If your event or initiative fits one or more of the bullets below, we’d be honored to collaborate. Please email andinclusion@gmail.com !

Wish to promote diversity and inclusion

Career assistance (head-shots, coaching, job fair, resume, etc.)

Shine a positive light on an initiative or business run by or serving cultural minorities

Seeks to remedy an issues that largely affects people of color within a specific industry.

After our first collaboration event photos and details will live on this page! We’ll even advertise upcoming events. But don’t worry–we’ll still leave room for this message so that other folks know we love to collaborate.

All industries welcome.

Why Work With Us? 

We’ll help plan your event

Founder specializes in PR and marketing

We offer fundraising strategy

We’ll provide knowledge and context around cultural appreciation

Experts on serving people and uplifting minorities

We’re growing fast, and would love you as a lifetime partner

Most importantly – we LOVE to support folks with a similar mission